Campground has been sort of quiet the last couple weeks…hopefully the BIG group will be back this weekend. 😉  Usually after a big holiday weekend the campground slows down a little. The first year here at Heritage Lake Campground, everyone told us not many campers come the weekend after a holiday weekend.  They were right.  Although I think the temperatures have something to do with the low attendance.  But more so, I think it’s the “NO Burn” ban that has killed the ambiance for the true camper at heart!  Let alone the smores supply industry has taken a beaten.  Let’s just hope by the time the season changes & it gets cool enough where you have to have a fire to keep warm, we can!

Couple weekends ago, there was some excitement…Barb Woods, campground manager, celebrated her birthday, she even had a band at the Shelter House.  Unfortunately, their name escapes me.  But a discussion at the campground meeting 7/21 deciding to hire them for Saturday night of Labor Day weekend.  I believe it’s suppose to be about 8p-11p/12a.  There was also a big birthday party for one of the teenagers…the most teenagers I’ve seen in our campground since the group we had for Wacky Family Olympics!  All in all, they were surprisingly a pretty quiet group.  Speaking of the 7/21 campground meeting, there was discussion on various fund raising opportunities.  One suggestion that was decided on…a silent auction.  We will post information at the Shelter House & deliver flyers to each site.  So be sure to look for them.

This past weekend we were fortunate to have some good friends of the Riggins & the Frys (old Open Road camper club followers) come & spend some time with us.  Neil & Sharon Patterson from Michigan arrived 7/25 & stayed until Monday morning.  We had a great time visiting, laughing, eating, drinking, eating & laughing!  Wonderful company, wonderful food, temperatures not TOO hot, just a really great time.  Two other couples from Indiana drove over for a delicious potluck dinner at the Shelter House Friday night.  Mike & Maryann

Where good friends meet..laughing over old times!

Walton from Richmond, IN and Nick & Edwena Zollar from Martinsville, IN.  Some of us hadn’t seen each other for 3 years, others maybe 5 years.  David & Kenny (Ron) both attended smokers all afternoon  babying some baby back & slab ribs…8 slabs (despite David’s eight hours of sleep over 3 days!)!  We all feasted on ribs, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, fruit salad, beautifully delicious home grown garden tomatoes (thanks Edwena & Nick), sliced tomatoes w/mozzarella slices & italian seasonings, watermelon, brownies- 2 kinds, pumpkin pie, delicious pineapple pecan cake (also Edwena).  We would also have had crock pot bread pudding & corn souffle if we hadn’t have lost power (the WHOLE campground)…crock pots just will not work w/out electricity. 😦  But they were great additions for Saturday night.

Jimmy John's

For those that weren’t aware, Jimmy John’s sells their day old loaves of bread (for their sandwiches) very cheap!  I ended up buying 5 long loaves for $2.40.  I used 2 for the bread pudding & the other 3 for french toast Saturday morning..YUM!  So next time you’re in need, it’s cheaper & better than the grocery stores or bread outlets!

The Frys are also happy to announce, we are now Heritage Lake Property Owners!  We purchased 638 Mill Springs at the Commissioners Certificate Tax Sale in January 2012 & finally got the deed last week.  Now in the market for a pontoon boat!!!  David’s been looking, hunting, anxious, disappointed, but hopeful!  So if you know of anyone let us know.  We’re looking for something older, prefer no seats (except Captain of course), hard top, front open deck, trailer included (hopefully).                                                                                                                          Well that pretty well sums up the slow end of July….until August.  Be healthy, be merry & be safe!  😉