A Friend lost but never forgotten….

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Sadly this morning a sweet, caring, giving, man passed on to a better world.  Darrell Plunkett from Danville, IN has spent well over 25 yrs of summers with family & friends at the Heritage Lake Campground.  His always smiling face, his shout of “Slow Down” as a speeder drove through the park, his best damn batch of Bloody Mary’s he’s made (every time), his joy of cooking/grilling mostly for others, his stinky smelling ginormous cigars, his 6AM Ranger fired up to hit the shower house, his love for all of his family & friends….he may be gone but all those memories & feelings we all carry with us will never be forgotten!

I just want to wish Linda, the Boys & their Wives, the Grand & Great Grand Kids our deepest sympathy, thoughts & prayers.  We share your grief. .                                                          Rest in Peace our friend…Darrell Plunkett


Yep that’s what I’ve been!  Just seems like yesterday it was the beginning of July & today it’s almost the end of August….WOW where’d it go?!?!

But truthfully….the 4th of July weekend was pretty good at the ole campground.  There wasn’t anything scheduled for the actual 4th but on Friday night the 5th we were privileged to share/experience Drop Dead Joker Band’s farewell performance of it’s original members.  Some of the guys have moved hours away & it’s just too difficult & costly to try to stay together 😦  We started out with kind of a thin audience but after the first couple hours it was hopping!  There are two members that remain locally so they might try to regroup with some other performers so they may not have “Dropped Dead” totally…pun intended ;-P  The pics unfortunately aren’t the greatest…I left my camera at home on the desk in all the bustle of getting stuff packed up on Thursday night.

Oh we had a silent auction that was displayed at the Shelter House from Friday about noon until we closed bids Saturday about 6:30.  Wasn’t a whole lot of items donated for the auction but a big THANK YOU!!!! to all that did!

The most fun I had was enjoying myself with a lot of the kids from the campground (even though it was colder than we would ever dream for the beginning of July!) getting wet & grassy & some a little muddy…on the 30′ inflatable slip & slide rented from USAPartyrent.com made for both the young & young at heart (which the only one, was ME!).  The kids kind of got a kick out of this Grandma running & diving (& freezing) right along with them.  But boy let me tell you, after playing like that for about 45 minutes….I was so sore for 6 days, couldn’t hardly raise my legs up with out having to physically help them!!  But it was a lot of fun & I would certainly do again & recommend to other “young at hearts”….that is as long as it’s WARMER!!! Check out what pics I could gather up….

We also had a Fish Dinner Saturday night that actually grew larger than we anticipated!  We ended up serving more than 110 people.  We were surprised!  Once we got the fryers hot & moving along…we did ok.  We appreciate that most everyone was really patient & understanding.  A BIG THANK YOU to my assistants….David Fry (master fryer), Ron Riggin (master fryer), Donna Riggin (order taker & complaint absorber – poor thing!) Brandy Christman (anything I needed her to be!) & Mary Gates (that helped were it was needed & manned the closing/rewarding of winning auctions).  So as you can see with a very limited crew…we did as well as could be expected!  Thanks so much folks!  And a big thank you to all of you that supported the event!  Unfortunately we were so busy………….. no pics 😦

After the Fish Dinner my family & I loaded up the pontoon & headed for fireworks on the lake under the stars!!! Great job HLPOA fireworks committee!

And that about sums up the 4th of July holiday weekend activities at the HL Campground.  At least I didn’t write a book this time!!!