Where Did the Summer Go?


Seems like yesterday we were getting our campers ready for a wonderful summer filled with activities & good friendly weekend gatherings.  Then in almost the blink of an eye…we are starting to get our campers, sites & boats ready for what will seem like an endless cold miserable winter season.  I don’t know about you but I DON’T LIKE THE COLD!!!  The cold season seems to linger on & on longer than the warm season.  We have had some summer this year!  This had to be the best camping & boating season in some time.  Hopefully next summer will be more of the same! 🙂   We were fortunate to find great Campground Managers to fill the sudden open position. Thank you Charles & Jinjer Bragg & your two adorable daughters for taking on the challenge.  Hopefully you plan to return for the 2014 season!!!   I for one have never seen the women’s restroom cleaner!

Expect changes when you return next spring…new electric is being installed during off season.  “Ladies, no longer should you have to unplug something to be able to run something else to keep from popping the breaker…yeah!!!”  But with new/better services one must pay the piper (so to speak)….monthly electrical bill.  And to me, that’s ok.  I would rather keep the seasonal rate down & pay electric (that I have control of).  This should work out in our favor because in the future when other improvements are needed, there should be room in the budget.

At the conclusion of the last monthly meeting September 21, the campground board voted on officer positions.  Your 2014 Campground Officers are:  Rob Morgan – President, Jason Plunkett – Vice President, Ben Hinshaw – Secretary & Ron Gates – Treasurer.  As requested by a camper at the meeting, I will be posting the 2014 campground rules here on the blog for your review/reference as soon as I receive them.

In closing a reminder:  there’s a pitch in bean dinner in the Shelter House October 5th.  There is a Halloween Celebration on Oct. 12:  Costume party with trick or treating for kids from 6pm-7pm, games and karaoke from 8pm-12am. Costume required to attend!