Oh Boy…..let the selections begin!!!!

The 2014 Heritage Lake Campground campsite selection meeting is this Sunday 3/2/14 at 1PM at the HL Clubhouse (usual place). Since it’s not fair to list the available sites that will be up for grabs come Sunday, I can at least give you the amount available….16 sites! I am hoping next season I will be able to post them prior to selection so that campers will know ahead of time what’s available. But since we didn’t have emails for everyone to let them know they would be posted on this blog we couldn’t this year….so let’s encourage others to “get connected” to allow us all to be more informed! And just a reminder that you can follow the blog to get up to date postings anytime they’re posted! There will be an email & residence (if you want) address sign-up sheet at the meeting.

Good News: We have 4 new HLPOA camper families coming in this season too! Guess our little slice of heaven is starting to get noticed and hopefully more will want to join in and maybe even have a “waiting list”…wouldn’t that be great!

Just a short post, will post again after the selection meeting. Looking forward to seeing everyone…it’s been a horribly cold LONG winter & from the looks of it (MORE SNOW Sunday/Monday) it’s not over yet 😦