2014 Camping Season….here we come!


Welcome to 2014 HL Campground Season

Welcome to 2014 HL Campground Season

As they are trying to beat the deadline for April 4th, opening day for this year’s camping season, the electric crew is hard at work!  Please remember to stay clear as to not make their job any harder in meeting that goal!

Hoping Mother Nature is kind to us for moving in…NO RAIN or SNOW PLEASE!!! It should be a busy, messy (due to the weather & all the excavating for the new electric service), confusing, exciting, frustrating…but mostly just ready to get into the “summer” swing of the camping/lake life again!  The winter has been cruel in so many ways, to so many people throughout the US, everyone is just sick of it & wishes it would MOVE ON!

On to important matters….I can’t express enough about being “connected” with the campground & knowing what’s going on…and participating.  If you don’t take the time to come to meetings, or to ask questions (campground board members..please), you are missing out on what might be very important information, as some have come to find out recently.  😦  Make sure Charles & Jinjer Bragg (returning Campground Managers & on staff starting 4/1) have your current information:  mailing address, emergency contact info, phone numbers, email address(es), etc.  I can’t express enough about how important that is for emergency situations!  Cheryl Fry, blog manager, is also collecting information to compile a handout list for anyone that would like to share their info with fellow campers, strictly voluntarily.  Another way to be informed is join the blog.  I hope to be more frequent with my posts & pictures this season.  But I do need your help…feel free to submit special notes, dates, pictures that you want shared on the blog & I will get them on.  I have created a new email address strictly for contact with blog information sharing or if you need to ask me something:  heritagelakeblog@gmail.com

Well keeping it short…haha!  Hope we see you sometime during opening weekend..April 4th.

RESCHEDULE….Old Mother Nature fooled us!

Well…maybe we shouldn’t blame Mother Nature…maybe the Weather Person(s) that we decide to put so much faith into their predictions…LOL!  It was very disappointing that we cancelled our original HL Campground Site Selection meeting for 3/2/14, especially for the dismal “storm” that really never showed up!  However, we WILL be holding the (rescheduled) meeting this Sunday 3/9/17…same time….same place (1:00PM @ the HL Clubhouse)!  Hope to see lots of our campers there, New & Seasoned, alike.  Also, want to apologize to those that did not get the word about the cancellation.  This is why it is important to be electronically “connected” for ease of notification, as well as, staying current with what is happening!  Please remember to submit your email addresses at one of the meetings (which you can share on the meeting sign up sheets always present at EVERY meeting) or join the blog and I will try to keep you up to date as well as you can message me!    Thanks!    Cheryl Fry