More sun….no more rain, PLEASE!!!

2014 HL Campground camping season has began…our seasonal campers have been straggling in.  This last weekend, the campground was pretty active with folks trying to get their sites back in order after the electrical crew had been in during the off season & installed new 50amp metered service to all the sites.  Things are kind of a mess but Charles & Jinjer (cmpgrnd mgrs) are doing their best, weather permitting, to fill sink holes, tractor tracks, etc. In fact, some campers are addressing issues at their sites themselves.  The great thing…No more blowing fuses or having to turn off something to plug in something else…YIPPEE!!! Ladies…you can run those blow dryers or curling irons without fear, all while brewing coffee, or running the water heater on electric, or any type of electric appliance.  Next hurdle….adjusting to the monthly bill for electric.  An added expense this season, but well worth the expanded, DEPENDABLE service!  Thanks Blake & HLPOA for the needed improvement!

The campground is 93% full going into our 3rd wk of the season!  NOTE:  Our first campground meeting for the season is this Saturday 4/19 at 10am in the Shelter House.  We have been told that Blake Price (HL Property Mgr.) will be in attendance for this meeting to speak about the new electric service & how billing is going to work.  Campers….you want to have a say on what’s going on with our little community (campground), it’s important that you sacrifice about an hour a MONTH.  Meetings are always the 3rd Saturday of each month (unless otherwise posted) at 10am in the Shelter House.  Have questions or concerns….be there, be informed!

Good news….LP tank exchange will soon be offered at the campground in both 20gal & 30gal tanks.  It should be up & running at least by May 2nd.  Our prices will be cheaper than surrounding retailers & generally at other tank exchanges the 20gal tank actually only contains 13gal…ours will contain 18gal!!! So more bang for your buck & cheaper to boot!  We’re so excited to have that added convenience.  This will be discussed at the meeting also.  The tank exchange service should be a good fund raising opportunity for the campground especially when word gets out around the lake!

In closing, I want to wish all my readers a blessed Easter or Passover.  I hope you have a great holiday with family & friends.