First official 2016 HL Campground meeting…

Greetings fellow Heritage Lake Campground Seasonal Campers!  I was encouraged at our annual January preseason campground meeting, to revive the HL Campground Blog.  Brings to mind a famous saying from one of America’s favorite past time movie…”if you build it they will come.”  I’m hoping maybe this year….if I blog it they will read/follow!

So, with a room of about 25 attendees, our first official 2016 HL Campground meeting was held at the HL Clubhouse today at 1PM.  It’s always an enjoyable meeting getting to see camping friends after 3 months of winter hibernation.  Getting to catch up with friends and find out how all their families are doing.  It’s also great relief when there’s no bad news shared about any of our fellow campers!

There was a whole new crew of officers heading up the table this year.  Jason Wile – President, Rebecca Warrick – Vice President, Jason Plunkett – Secretary & Shane York – Treasurer.  On behalf of the former officers from the previous year, we wish you best of luck in your new positions you hold.

Our next gathering will be for the annual preseason campsite selection meeting to be held at the HL Clubhouse on Sunday, March 6 at 1PM.  This can be an exciting time…campers changing up campsites for bigger, better or more convenient sites.  This year there will be extra sites available to choose from for those that might be interested in making a change!  With eliminating the “guest campers” this year, only POA members will be allowed to seasonal camp in the HL Campground.  The rule was changed during the last camping season due to lack of sites available for fellow campers being able to have family members rent sites especially during holidays when the campgrounds would be packed to the gills!  When the state regulated there could only be one camper allowed per site, some of our big families could no longer have their families staying with them and there were no available sites since they were filled with seasonal “guest campers”.  There were also complaints at the HLPOA office from POA members (non-seasonal campers) wanting to occasionally camp, or had visitng family or friends needing a site, that wasn’t able to get a site. The 8 “guest campers” sites from last season will be available at the selection meeting.  If there is a list of sites available, I will try to share them prior to the selection meeting 3/6/16.

If I have further information to share about the selection meeting, list of sites available, etc., I will “keep you posted”, so please check back.  Better yet, follow the blog and it you will be notified with new posts!  Until then, wishing you great weeks ahead and stay safe!

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