3/6/16 Site Selection Meeting – Sites Available

Oh the excitement at the annual campsite selection meetings….

The new 2016 camping season set to open April 1st this year.  Please remember you must have your 2016 annual Heritage Lake POA Maintenance & Siltation Assement fee ($237) paid before you will be allowed to camp this season.

Now for the excitement….our campsite selection meeting will be at the HL Clubhouse/Office on 3/6/16 at 1PM, as usual.  I have been supplied a site map showing the available sites for this camping season.  Sites marked in yellow will be available for this season at the selection meeting.  Please click on link below to see map of sites available.

HLC 2016 open sites-selection mtg

There are several sites that have been occupied for some time that are available this year.  You may want to consider making a move!

We’ll see you at the selection meeting this Sunday!



First official 2016 HL Campground meeting…

Greetings fellow Heritage Lake Campground Seasonal Campers!  I was encouraged at our annual January preseason campground meeting, to revive the HL Campground Blog.  Brings to mind a famous saying from one of America’s favorite past time movie…”if you build it they will come.”  I’m hoping maybe this year….if I blog it they will read/follow!

So, with a room of about 25 attendees, our first official 2016 HL Campground meeting was held at the HL Clubhouse today at 1PM.  It’s always an enjoyable meeting getting to see camping friends after 3 months of winter hibernation.  Getting to catch up with friends and find out how all their families are doing.  It’s also great relief when there’s no bad news shared about any of our fellow campers!

There was a whole new crew of officers heading up the table this year.  Jason Wile – President, Rebecca Warrick – Vice President, Jason Plunkett – Secretary & Shane York – Treasurer.  On behalf of the former officers from the previous year, we wish you best of luck in your new positions you hold.

Our next gathering will be for the annual preseason campsite selection meeting to be held at the HL Clubhouse on Sunday, March 6 at 1PM.  This can be an exciting time…campers changing up campsites for bigger, better or more convenient sites.  This year there will be extra sites available to choose from for those that might be interested in making a change!  With eliminating the “guest campers” this year, only POA members will be allowed to seasonal camp in the HL Campground.  The rule was changed during the last camping season due to lack of sites available for fellow campers being able to have family members rent sites especially during holidays when the campgrounds would be packed to the gills!  When the state regulated there could only be one camper allowed per site, some of our big families could no longer have their families staying with them and there were no available sites since they were filled with seasonal “guest campers”.  There were also complaints at the HLPOA office from POA members (non-seasonal campers) wanting to occasionally camp, or had visitng family or friends needing a site, that wasn’t able to get a site. The 8 “guest campers” sites from last season will be available at the selection meeting.  If there is a list of sites available, I will try to share them prior to the selection meeting 3/6/16.

If I have further information to share about the selection meeting, list of sites available, etc., I will “keep you posted”, so please check back.  Better yet, follow the blog and it you will be notified with new posts!  Until then, wishing you great weeks ahead and stay safe!

WOW…what a great 4th of July weekend!!!

What a great weekend!  Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  The campground was busting at the seams…so to speak.  It was obvious when you walked through the “full” campground that everyone was having a good time this past weekend!  The weather was great…except for our early Sunday morning rainstorm. 😦 But after that great entertainment brought in Saturday night most probably didn’t even hear it come in unless you were one of the tent campers…then you probably “felt” it.

I want to say a BIG thank you to Debbie Palmer, & others that assisted her efforts, for recruiting donations to hire the Chasers Band out of Indianapolis.  Unfortunately since we have limited ability to raise money for campground activities, we now have to rely on donations to fund bands for the holidays.  So anyone that’s interested in donating to the campground entertainment fund make sure you get w/Debbie Palmer, hoping to be able to hire for Labor Day weekend.  Do not recall her lot # but she’s on the north corner lot by the shelter house.  Thanks again Debbie for all your efforts.  And speaking of the band….everyone really enjoyed them!

Then we had the annual Heritage Lake fireworks celebration.  Spectacular!  They were a little late getting started but once they got it going…OOOO’s..&..AAAHHHH’s echoed across the lake coming from boat to boat.  Thanks to all of those that work so hard all year long in planning, fundraising & orchestrating such a show.  I’m sure they’re already starting on 2015!

I bet there were a lot of tired, sunburned folks trying to resume their normal life, routine today!  And the holiday foods…don’t know about you, but I seemed to “stuff” myself way more than I should have.  Now trying to get back on track in many ways.  Sure hope you all had as much fun this weekend as we did!  But if you were at our little summer paradise aka Heritage Lake Campground….I KNOW YOU DID!

Mark your calendars:  the monthly campground meeting is coming up on 7/19 at 10am at the Shelter House.  We are looking to fill a board member position as well as the Treasurer’s position (must be a campground board member).  Please spread the word & we’ll see you at the meeting!  Until then…..happy camping!!!

Camping Season IS here!

Well it was a busy Memorial Day wknd at the campground!  The weather was GREAT!  It’s about time, we’ve had so much cold, rainy days kicking off our 2014 camping season 😦   So we were due for a really good wknd & better yet an extended holiday wknd!Campground 7-12 (5) 🙂

The campground was bursting with lots of young campers.  It’s great to see more kids riding around & playing together this year!  Thankfully we have had new young families join our little community this year.  I know the few kids we have had welcome the new friends they are making this season!

By the way if you haven’t checked out the new website that Charles & Jinger (campground managers) created yet…here’s a link to do so now!  http://heritagelakecampground.webs.com/  If you’re a Facebook person, they also created a Facebook page..ck it out & Like the page!  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heritage-Lake-Campground/419616524841642

FYI…some of our campers have decided to organize together & take donations through out the season for entertainment funding to get bands for 4th of July wknd & Labor Day wknd.  Donations are strictly voluntary, but if you would like to enjoy having a band on mentioned holiday wknds this is your opportunity to help out.  If you would like to donate to the entertainment fund, you should see Debra Palmer, Mary Lou Palmer or Charles & Jinger will make sure to get it to the right person as well.

The weather prediction for the wknd is sunny & hot….great for “boating”.                That’s where we’ll be!!! Hope you have a great wknd!


More sun….no more rain, PLEASE!!!

2014 HL Campground camping season has began…our seasonal campers have been straggling in.  This last weekend, the campground was pretty active with folks trying to get their sites back in order after the electrical crew had been in during the off season & installed new 50amp metered service to all the sites.  Things are kind of a mess but Charles & Jinjer (cmpgrnd mgrs) are doing their best, weather permitting, to fill sink holes, tractor tracks, etc. In fact, some campers are addressing issues at their sites themselves.  The great thing…No more blowing fuses or having to turn off something to plug in something else…YIPPEE!!! Ladies…you can run those blow dryers or curling irons without fear, all while brewing coffee, or running the water heater on electric, or any type of electric appliance.  Next hurdle….adjusting to the monthly bill for electric.  An added expense this season, but well worth the expanded, DEPENDABLE service!  Thanks Blake & HLPOA for the needed improvement!

The campground is 93% full going into our 3rd wk of the season!  NOTE:  Our first campground meeting for the season is this Saturday 4/19 at 10am in the Shelter House.  We have been told that Blake Price (HL Property Mgr.) will be in attendance for this meeting to speak about the new electric service & how billing is going to work.  Campers….you want to have a say on what’s going on with our little community (campground), it’s important that you sacrifice about an hour a MONTH.  Meetings are always the 3rd Saturday of each month (unless otherwise posted) at 10am in the Shelter House.  Have questions or concerns….be there, be informed!

Good news….LP tank exchange will soon be offered at the campground in both 20gal & 30gal tanks.  It should be up & running at least by May 2nd.  Our prices will be cheaper than surrounding retailers & generally at other tank exchanges the 20gal tank actually only contains 13gal…ours will contain 18gal!!! So more bang for your buck & cheaper to boot!  We’re so excited to have that added convenience.  This will be discussed at the meeting also.  The tank exchange service should be a good fund raising opportunity for the campground especially when word gets out around the lake!

In closing, I want to wish all my readers a blessed Easter or Passover.  I hope you have a great holiday with family & friends.


2014 Camping Season….here we come!


Welcome to 2014 HL Campground Season

Welcome to 2014 HL Campground Season

As they are trying to beat the deadline for April 4th, opening day for this year’s camping season, the electric crew is hard at work!  Please remember to stay clear as to not make their job any harder in meeting that goal!

Hoping Mother Nature is kind to us for moving in…NO RAIN or SNOW PLEASE!!! It should be a busy, messy (due to the weather & all the excavating for the new electric service), confusing, exciting, frustrating…but mostly just ready to get into the “summer” swing of the camping/lake life again!  The winter has been cruel in so many ways, to so many people throughout the US, everyone is just sick of it & wishes it would MOVE ON!

On to important matters….I can’t express enough about being “connected” with the campground & knowing what’s going on…and participating.  If you don’t take the time to come to meetings, or to ask questions (campground board members..please), you are missing out on what might be very important information, as some have come to find out recently.  😦  Make sure Charles & Jinjer Bragg (returning Campground Managers & on staff starting 4/1) have your current information:  mailing address, emergency contact info, phone numbers, email address(es), etc.  I can’t express enough about how important that is for emergency situations!  Cheryl Fry, blog manager, is also collecting information to compile a handout list for anyone that would like to share their info with fellow campers, strictly voluntarily.  Another way to be informed is join the blog.  I hope to be more frequent with my posts & pictures this season.  But I do need your help…feel free to submit special notes, dates, pictures that you want shared on the blog & I will get them on.  I have created a new email address strictly for contact with blog information sharing or if you need to ask me something:  heritagelakeblog@gmail.com

Well keeping it short…haha!  Hope we see you sometime during opening weekend..April 4th.

RESCHEDULE….Old Mother Nature fooled us!

Well…maybe we shouldn’t blame Mother Nature…maybe the Weather Person(s) that we decide to put so much faith into their predictions…LOL!  It was very disappointing that we cancelled our original HL Campground Site Selection meeting for 3/2/14, especially for the dismal “storm” that really never showed up!  However, we WILL be holding the (rescheduled) meeting this Sunday 3/9/17…same time….same place (1:00PM @ the HL Clubhouse)!  Hope to see lots of our campers there, New & Seasoned, alike.  Also, want to apologize to those that did not get the word about the cancellation.  This is why it is important to be electronically “connected” for ease of notification, as well as, staying current with what is happening!  Please remember to submit your email addresses at one of the meetings (which you can share on the meeting sign up sheets always present at EVERY meeting) or join the blog and I will try to keep you up to date as well as you can message me!    Thanks!    Cheryl Fry

Oh Boy…..let the selections begin!!!!

The 2014 Heritage Lake Campground campsite selection meeting is this Sunday 3/2/14 at 1PM at the HL Clubhouse (usual place). Since it’s not fair to list the available sites that will be up for grabs come Sunday, I can at least give you the amount available….16 sites! I am hoping next season I will be able to post them prior to selection so that campers will know ahead of time what’s available. But since we didn’t have emails for everyone to let them know they would be posted on this blog we couldn’t this year….so let’s encourage others to “get connected” to allow us all to be more informed! And just a reminder that you can follow the blog to get up to date postings anytime they’re posted! There will be an email & residence (if you want) address sign-up sheet at the meeting.

Good News: We have 4 new HLPOA camper families coming in this season too! Guess our little slice of heaven is starting to get noticed and hopefully more will want to join in and maybe even have a “waiting list”…wouldn’t that be great!

Just a short post, will post again after the selection meeting. Looking forward to seeing everyone…it’s been a horribly cold LONG winter & from the looks of it (MORE SNOW Sunday/Monday) it’s not over yet 😦

A Friend lost but never forgotten….

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Sadly this morning a sweet, caring, giving, man passed on to a better world.  Darrell Plunkett from Danville, IN has spent well over 25 yrs of summers with family & friends at the Heritage Lake Campground.  His always smiling face, his shout of “Slow Down” as a speeder drove through the park, his best damn batch of Bloody Mary’s he’s made (every time), his joy of cooking/grilling mostly for others, his stinky smelling ginormous cigars, his 6AM Ranger fired up to hit the shower house, his love for all of his family & friends….he may be gone but all those memories & feelings we all carry with us will never be forgotten!

I just want to wish Linda, the Boys & their Wives, the Grand & Great Grand Kids our deepest sympathy, thoughts & prayers.  We share your grief. .                                                          Rest in Peace our friend…Darrell Plunkett

Mother Nature….have a heart!!!

So it was another COLD, WET weekend at the ole’ campground again this past weekend.  😦  Friday it was almost like a ghost town around there…very few campers!  Our usual Friday night dinner fare of roasted hotdogs over a blazing campfire was cancelled due to soggy ground surrounding the fire pit.  So four of us headed to Dave’s All American Pizza on US36 on west side of Danville, IN.  Quite a unique patriotic decor of military memorabilia. The food was pretty good, most of us had the salad bar, the prices were fair.  We have driven past many times but this was our first dining experience.  I am sure over the course of the camping season, we will probably dine there again.


There was definitely more life around the campground on Saturday.  We had our first monthly campground meeting at 10am Saturday morning.  We had a pretty good turnout, hopefully it’s a new trend and not because it was the “first one”.  Our elected President, Ron Riggen, had to step down to Vice President due to his election to the Heritage Lake POA Board.  He could not retain his President position and be on the HLPOA board.  That, in turn, moved the Vice President, Dave Fry, to the President’s position.  Soooo the gavel was passed!  The meeting was pretty uneventful until we reached the topic of expired gambling license.  For those of you not at the meeting, we are no longer able to do 50/50, pull tabs, bingo, etc., so our fundraising ability has pretty much come to a quick halt.  We’re not sure if the license will be renewed or what grandiose fundraising ideas we can come up with.  We welcome fundraising ideas, keeping in mind camper participation can be scarce.  Stay tuned for updates as we know it.


Ham and Beans with Cornbread, The Friendly Coo... Saturday actually turned out pretty nice considering all the storms we’ve had recently!  Our campground event calendar offered up a ham & beans dinner at 7pm in the Shelter House.  Even though we didn’t have a big turnout, we had a delicious dinner!  I would like to thank the Clements, the Woods, the Riggens, & the Gates that joined us (the Frys) for their contributions and in participating!  We managed to raise $16…woohoo!  I’m sure everyone in attendance took a little something home with them…GAS!  teehee ;-P


Thanks for tuning in folks….until my next post…be safe, be healthy…& come on BETTER WEATHER!!!