Happy Mother’s Day!!

Giant Red Daisy Flower macro Photographed on B...Hope all you Ladies out there had a great Mother’s Day yesterday, mine was wonderful!  We packed up & headed out of the campground early Sunday morning because we had our whole gang coming for an early Mother’s Day dinner at our house.  The great part…everyone was there!  Well almost, all but my Mom.  We also found out we’re going to be blessed with our 7th grand child around Christmas!  Our oldest daughter is expecting her 5th right around her birthday.  Congratulations Brandy & Tom (& Xavier, & Avalon, & Grace, & Lincoln!).  A funny comment by their oldest (Xavier soon to be 11) he thought they should name him (if a boy) Abraham….that way when they’re calling the kids in…Abraham…Lincoln!  Thought that was pretty cute!

Now that I’ve shared my personal stuff…on to why I’m here…HL Campground blog!  Starting off I have made some adjustments to the activities calendar that were previously  distributed & posted on this blog (see “2013 HL Campground Season Calendar” page).  PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK THE BLOG CALENDAR PAGE REGULARLY FOR THE MOST UPDATED SCHEDULE.  Most recent change being…we have cancelled the 9-11:30pm Karaoke, due to limited funds!  The first weekend in May, I posted the 2nd Annual Wacky Family Olympics team roster sign-up sheet, schedule of events w/criteria & an information sheet at the Shelter House on the side of the storage shed.  As of 5/12 morning…we’ve had “1” team sign up 😦    It was a team that “placed” in last years competition!  I also passed out copies of the Olympics information sheet to any campers I could find on 5/11 evening, trying to encourage participation.  There is a deadline for team sign-ups 5/18!  If I do not have at least 5 teams signed up by 5/18 -7pm, the Olympics & the Hot Dog Awards Banquet will be cancelled!!!  It takes a lot of time & expense to put on this event.  Besides, it wouldn’t be as much fun with less than 5 teams participating.

On-screen graphic from At the Movies.

Movie night is on 5/18 & with the sun staying out longer we have to push the start time back to 9:30PM instead of 9P.  The movie is scheduled to be PG-13 or R..? I will bring some movies to the monthly campground meeting 5/18 at 10AM & we’ll pick that night’s movie then.  HOPEFULLY it will have warmed up considerably, the last one it was freezing!!!  Hopefully we’ll actually have a weekend we don’t have ANY rain!  I know we’re all getting pretty sick of all this NON conducive camping weather!  Seems like the “work week” tends to be nice/warmer & the weekend comes….wet/cold..  😦

So remember…get your team sign-up for the Wacky Family Olympics by 5/18 -7PM!  Have a great week & we’ll see you around the campground hopefully this weekend!