First official 2016 HL Campground meeting…

Greetings fellow Heritage Lake Campground Seasonal Campers!  I was encouraged at our annual January preseason campground meeting, to revive the HL Campground Blog.  Brings to mind a famous saying from one of America’s favorite past time movie…”if you build it they will come.”  I’m hoping maybe this year….if I blog it they will read/follow!

So, with a room of about 25 attendees, our first official 2016 HL Campground meeting was held at the HL Clubhouse today at 1PM.  It’s always an enjoyable meeting getting to see camping friends after 3 months of winter hibernation.  Getting to catch up with friends and find out how all their families are doing.  It’s also great relief when there’s no bad news shared about any of our fellow campers!

There was a whole new crew of officers heading up the table this year.  Jason Wile – President, Rebecca Warrick – Vice President, Jason Plunkett – Secretary & Shane York – Treasurer.  On behalf of the former officers from the previous year, we wish you best of luck in your new positions you hold.

Our next gathering will be for the annual preseason campsite selection meeting to be held at the HL Clubhouse on Sunday, March 6 at 1PM.  This can be an exciting time…campers changing up campsites for bigger, better or more convenient sites.  This year there will be extra sites available to choose from for those that might be interested in making a change!  With eliminating the “guest campers” this year, only POA members will be allowed to seasonal camp in the HL Campground.  The rule was changed during the last camping season due to lack of sites available for fellow campers being able to have family members rent sites especially during holidays when the campgrounds would be packed to the gills!  When the state regulated there could only be one camper allowed per site, some of our big families could no longer have their families staying with them and there were no available sites since they were filled with seasonal “guest campers”.  There were also complaints at the HLPOA office from POA members (non-seasonal campers) wanting to occasionally camp, or had visitng family or friends needing a site, that wasn’t able to get a site. The 8 “guest campers” sites from last season will be available at the selection meeting.  If there is a list of sites available, I will try to share them prior to the selection meeting 3/6/16.

If I have further information to share about the selection meeting, list of sites available, etc., I will “keep you posted”, so please check back.  Better yet, follow the blog and it you will be notified with new posts!  Until then, wishing you great weeks ahead and stay safe!


WOW…what a great 4th of July weekend!!!

What a great weekend!  Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  The campground was busting at the seams…so to speak.  It was obvious when you walked through the “full” campground that everyone was having a good time this past weekend!  The weather was great…except for our early Sunday morning rainstorm. 😦 But after that great entertainment brought in Saturday night most probably didn’t even hear it come in unless you were one of the tent campers…then you probably “felt” it.

I want to say a BIG thank you to Debbie Palmer, & others that assisted her efforts, for recruiting donations to hire the Chasers Band out of Indianapolis.  Unfortunately since we have limited ability to raise money for campground activities, we now have to rely on donations to fund bands for the holidays.  So anyone that’s interested in donating to the campground entertainment fund make sure you get w/Debbie Palmer, hoping to be able to hire for Labor Day weekend.  Do not recall her lot # but she’s on the north corner lot by the shelter house.  Thanks again Debbie for all your efforts.  And speaking of the band….everyone really enjoyed them!

Then we had the annual Heritage Lake fireworks celebration.  Spectacular!  They were a little late getting started but once they got it going…OOOO’s..&..AAAHHHH’s echoed across the lake coming from boat to boat.  Thanks to all of those that work so hard all year long in planning, fundraising & orchestrating such a show.  I’m sure they’re already starting on 2015!

I bet there were a lot of tired, sunburned folks trying to resume their normal life, routine today!  And the holiday foods…don’t know about you, but I seemed to “stuff” myself way more than I should have.  Now trying to get back on track in many ways.  Sure hope you all had as much fun this weekend as we did!  But if you were at our little summer paradise aka Heritage Lake Campground….I KNOW YOU DID!

Mark your calendars:  the monthly campground meeting is coming up on 7/19 at 10am at the Shelter House.  We are looking to fill a board member position as well as the Treasurer’s position (must be a campground board member).  Please spread the word & we’ll see you at the meeting!  Until then…..happy camping!!!

More sun….no more rain, PLEASE!!!

2014 HL Campground camping season has began…our seasonal campers have been straggling in.  This last weekend, the campground was pretty active with folks trying to get their sites back in order after the electrical crew had been in during the off season & installed new 50amp metered service to all the sites.  Things are kind of a mess but Charles & Jinjer (cmpgrnd mgrs) are doing their best, weather permitting, to fill sink holes, tractor tracks, etc. In fact, some campers are addressing issues at their sites themselves.  The great thing…No more blowing fuses or having to turn off something to plug in something else…YIPPEE!!! Ladies…you can run those blow dryers or curling irons without fear, all while brewing coffee, or running the water heater on electric, or any type of electric appliance.  Next hurdle….adjusting to the monthly bill for electric.  An added expense this season, but well worth the expanded, DEPENDABLE service!  Thanks Blake & HLPOA for the needed improvement!

The campground is 93% full going into our 3rd wk of the season!  NOTE:  Our first campground meeting for the season is this Saturday 4/19 at 10am in the Shelter House.  We have been told that Blake Price (HL Property Mgr.) will be in attendance for this meeting to speak about the new electric service & how billing is going to work.  Campers….you want to have a say on what’s going on with our little community (campground), it’s important that you sacrifice about an hour a MONTH.  Meetings are always the 3rd Saturday of each month (unless otherwise posted) at 10am in the Shelter House.  Have questions or concerns….be there, be informed!

Good news….LP tank exchange will soon be offered at the campground in both 20gal & 30gal tanks.  It should be up & running at least by May 2nd.  Our prices will be cheaper than surrounding retailers & generally at other tank exchanges the 20gal tank actually only contains 13gal…ours will contain 18gal!!! So more bang for your buck & cheaper to boot!  We’re so excited to have that added convenience.  This will be discussed at the meeting also.  The tank exchange service should be a good fund raising opportunity for the campground especially when word gets out around the lake!

In closing, I want to wish all my readers a blessed Easter or Passover.  I hope you have a great holiday with family & friends.


Getting ready for FUN…4th of July weekend!!!



English: Decoration for the 4th of July





Wow guess I’ve been pretty neglectful of the blog 😦  just realized I hadn’t posted anything since the Memorial Day weekend…almost a month ago, maybe someone should fire me!  Just joking…but seriously….we have a great holiday weekend planned for the 4th of July “Independence Day” celebration!!!  Below is an events schedule that was recently posted at the campground for not only the holiday weekend but the rest of July.

                   CAMPGROUND SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FOR JULY 2013       EXCEPTING SILENT AUCTION ITEMS!!!  New or “like new” items we can auction during July 4th weekend for activities fundraising.  Give items to Barb Woods (campground Manager) or Dave & Cheryl Fry lot #38.                                                                            FISH FRY 7/6 5:30P-7:30P!!!  Prepay by 10p on 7/5 so we know how much to buy/prepare for!  Batter fish fillets (buns available if prefer sandwich), French Fries, Coleslaw & Fried Biscuits w/Apple Butter.  CHARGE:  Kids:  4-10 are $2 (1pc fish), Adults:  11 & up are $5 (2pc fish).   Plates, forks & napkins will be provided but BYO DRINKS (& cups)!!  See Dave & Cheryl Fry to prepay (lot #38)  

Reminder:  Volunteers are always welcome at any event!!!

7/4 – Thursday:  We DON’T have anything planned.  Enjoy your family time, Happy 4th!

7/5 – Friday:  Silent Auction bidding begins at NOON & bidding will continue until bidding                            closes 6:30p on 7/6.  Winning bids will be announced at 7p. Payments due                          at pick-up by cash or check.                                                                               8p-12a – THE DROP DEAD JOKER BAND WILL PLAY THEIR FINAL                               PERFORMANCE TOGETHER 😦


7/6 – Saturday:  12p-4p – Inflatable 40′ Slip & Slide near Shelter House for all ages!!!                                5:30p-7:30p Fish Fry (see above for details) at Shelter House                                         6:30p Silent Auction bidding closes                                                                                    7p Winning bids announced.   Payment due upon pick-up                                          DUSK Heritage Lake Fireworks at the Lake! Got early for good spot!


7/20 – Saturday:  10a Monthly Campground Meeting – be there…be informed!                                        7p-? Campground Potluck Pitch-in Dinner at the Shelter House.  Bring an                             Entree & a side dish OR dessert to share.  BYO place settings & drinks.


7/26 – Friday:  Start accepting Labor Day Weekend Silent Auction Items.  Give to Barb                              Woods or Dave & Cheryl Fry (#38)


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Happy 4th of July! Independence Day Fireworks!



Well that about wraps it up for now…Everyone have a  fun 4th of July “Independence Day” weekend & please remember to be safe, especially with all the fireworks!!






Happy Mother’s Day!!

Giant Red Daisy Flower macro Photographed on B...Hope all you Ladies out there had a great Mother’s Day yesterday, mine was wonderful!  We packed up & headed out of the campground early Sunday morning because we had our whole gang coming for an early Mother’s Day dinner at our house.  The great part…everyone was there!  Well almost, all but my Mom.  We also found out we’re going to be blessed with our 7th grand child around Christmas!  Our oldest daughter is expecting her 5th right around her birthday.  Congratulations Brandy & Tom (& Xavier, & Avalon, & Grace, & Lincoln!).  A funny comment by their oldest (Xavier soon to be 11) he thought they should name him (if a boy) Abraham….that way when they’re calling the kids in…Abraham…Lincoln!  Thought that was pretty cute!

Now that I’ve shared my personal stuff…on to why I’m here…HL Campground blog!  Starting off I have made some adjustments to the activities calendar that were previously  distributed & posted on this blog (see “2013 HL Campground Season Calendar” page).  PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK THE BLOG CALENDAR PAGE REGULARLY FOR THE MOST UPDATED SCHEDULE.  Most recent change being…we have cancelled the 9-11:30pm Karaoke, due to limited funds!  The first weekend in May, I posted the 2nd Annual Wacky Family Olympics team roster sign-up sheet, schedule of events w/criteria & an information sheet at the Shelter House on the side of the storage shed.  As of 5/12 morning…we’ve had “1” team sign up 😦    It was a team that “placed” in last years competition!  I also passed out copies of the Olympics information sheet to any campers I could find on 5/11 evening, trying to encourage participation.  There is a deadline for team sign-ups 5/18!  If I do not have at least 5 teams signed up by 5/18 -7pm, the Olympics & the Hot Dog Awards Banquet will be cancelled!!!  It takes a lot of time & expense to put on this event.  Besides, it wouldn’t be as much fun with less than 5 teams participating.

On-screen graphic from At the Movies.

Movie night is on 5/18 & with the sun staying out longer we have to push the start time back to 9:30PM instead of 9P.  The movie is scheduled to be PG-13 or R..? I will bring some movies to the monthly campground meeting 5/18 at 10AM & we’ll pick that night’s movie then.  HOPEFULLY it will have warmed up considerably, the last one it was freezing!!!  Hopefully we’ll actually have a weekend we don’t have ANY rain!  I know we’re all getting pretty sick of all this NON conducive camping weather!  Seems like the “work week” tends to be nice/warmer & the weekend comes….wet/cold..  😦

So remember…get your team sign-up for the Wacky Family Olympics by 5/18 -7PM!  Have a great week & we’ll see you around the campground hopefully this weekend!