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Friday morning I ventured off to Greencastle shopping for “salad & fixins” for our contribution for the Saturday evening meal with the group.  Probably the culprit that started the whole thing being the beautiful strawberries that Kroger had a great price on, 4 pounds for $4.99!  I know,  GREAT price!  Well there were so many, it got me thinking about the need to use them up since those little RV refrigerators don’t hold much & the ice melts pretty quick in a cooler especially in the heat we’ve been bearing!  I got a brilliant (not so, later 😦 ) idea “Rum Smoothies”.  So after about 45 more minutes shopping for the right ingredients, multiple stops & about $28.00 invested.  I was headed back to the campground with the anticipation of a nice icy cold, fruity, smoothie – spiked.  I really dislike cleaning strawberries, first your fingers are all red, then turn kind of black from the staining that will take a couple days to fade.  Plus it takes quite a while to prep & clean 4 pounds of strawberries!  But it was for a great cause….refreshingly yummy libations!!!

I gathered all my ingredients:  bananas, strawberries, greek yogurt, ice & rum (of course)…oh & can’t forget the blender & straws.  I also decided to test out my new cute little insulated cup that I won in the Ladies Spa Basket that we raffled off on Family Day, thanks Danielle.  With the golf cart loaded & ready, I just had to retrieve Fry from his recliner in the camper & head over to the Riggin’s campsite & to announce “the bar is open, we’re having Rum Smoothies”!  (David works 3rd shift & was alive after only a couple hours nap.)  Now, even though it was only about 2:30pm Friday…”it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” which in turn justifies our alcohol consumption at least by Jimmy Buffett’s standards.  But wait, the hangout is usually the Plunkett’s campsite (right next door). Unfortunately Commander Darrell had not arrived as of yet, but Captain Ron being second in command….decided to open the bar early & let the blender madness begin.  We were off to a rocky start, my cheap blender doesn’t really like doing it’s job, in fact it smells a little “hot” even with the simplest tasks.  Thankfully it didn’t let me down.  The really problem was, it was so hot, the smoothies were really cold & tasted too good!  About 3 1/2 pounds of strawberries, 4 bananas, 2 cups of greek yogurt, 1 liter of rum & LOTS of ice amounting to 5 pitchers….I was having trouble functioning!  I don’t remember how I got back to my campsite, bad Cheryl!  Found out later, my hubby had driven me back via golf cart, put away what was left of the ingredients (not much) & made sure I was safely sleeping in our bed by around 6:30 pm…thanks Honey! My big down fall was not eating all day, never a good idea!  Saturday brought on…nausea, headache, dizziness, light sensitivity, just all around feeling like crap!  So bad that I didn’t even get out of bed till after 1 pm, except for all the trips to the can.  Wastebasket at my side, I ventured to the couch to watch TV.  I settled for Me-TV & This-TV stations so I wouldn’t have to get up to change movies :-P.  I never even stepped out of the camper all day!  Poor Fry had to take over all the salad & fixins (which I nauseously had to prepare) to dine with the group. Most folks can agree, this rarely happens to me, all I can say……”the heat drove me to it & maybe 4 pounds of beautiful strawberries!”

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So if by chance, I was rude, offended you, flirted with you, injured you, whatever, I apologize!  I promise it will not happen again anytime soon.  Oh, & by the way, thanks for all the “kind words in recollection of my rum smoothies influence” shared Sunday morning by my friends in our group.  Just glad no one decided to take a picture to contribute to this post….or at least I don’t think so….glad I’m the administrator.

And someone please make it RAIN!