With all the April showers….there better be LOTS of May flowers, and I don’t mean WEEDS!!


This weekend marks one whole month the campground has been open and running, hard to believe!  Unfortunately the forecast is suppose to be more of the same we’ve had practically every weekend, all weekend long….rain 😦   Was away from home the last couple days & when I pulled up Wednesday morning my yard had a beautiful sunny yellow & bright purple hue to it.  Wasn’t by my doing…but those pesky darn dandelions!  I loved the beautiful purple wild violets but unfortunately can’t just mow the dandelions.  It took me double-cutting the WHOLE yard to make it look good…it was a hayfield!  But when you live in the country & mow a yard that was once a farm field & you’re surrounded completely by farm fields you come to except those “wildflowers” want or not.


I would like to quick mention about your pets & ticks!  Last weekend when I walked Mater around the campground & up in the neighborhoods, we found & removed a tick on him.  Then we found another when we got him home…so please remember to check your furry friends often & maybe check the kids too!

Olympic Flag

Well it’s time to pick your teams for our 2nd Annual Wacky Family Olympics.  This year it will be the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, 5/25/13, starting at 10am at the Shelter House.  I will be posting a teams sign-up sheet on the wall of the storage building on the corner of the Shelter House.  We’re going to change it up a little this year.  Sign your team up listing your team’s roster.  Each team will participate in every event EXCEPT Brain Freeze – that’s open to all kids 12 & under – no team necessary!  Brain Freeze participants do not have to be a team member, it’s just a fun event for the kids that day.  There will be a $5.00 team entry fee (payable just before events begin 5/25) to help offset the cost of supplies for the events & for the purchase of hot dogs/buns for the awards banquet @ 7-8PM on 5/25.  As mentioned above, I will post a teams sign-up sheet at the Shelter House starting this weekend.  I will also post a list of the events (in order) w/level of physical difficulty & the number of team members needed for each event.  Please Note:  if we do not have at least 5 teams signed up by 5/18 evening we will cancel the Olympics & the Banquet due to lack of interest/participation.  It takes a lot of work & expense to do this event that’s why we want to make sure we have at least 5 teams!  We really had a lot of fun last year, I hope we see just as much participation as we did last year!!!  We won’t have the inflatable obstacle course this year due to the problem of fundraising but we do have a surprise planned for 7/6/13…will keep you posted!

Until next post…..be safe, be healthy & come on warmer weather!!!!