Where Did the Summer Go?


Seems like yesterday we were getting our campers ready for a wonderful summer filled with activities & good friendly weekend gatherings.  Then in almost the blink of an eye…we are starting to get our campers, sites & boats ready for what will seem like an endless cold miserable winter season.  I don’t know about you but I DON’T LIKE THE COLD!!!  The cold season seems to linger on & on longer than the warm season.  We have had some summer this year!  This had to be the best camping & boating season in some time.  Hopefully next summer will be more of the same! 🙂   We were fortunate to find great Campground Managers to fill the sudden open position. Thank you Charles & Jinjer Bragg & your two adorable daughters for taking on the challenge.  Hopefully you plan to return for the 2014 season!!!   I for one have never seen the women’s restroom cleaner!

Expect changes when you return next spring…new electric is being installed during off season.  “Ladies, no longer should you have to unplug something to be able to run something else to keep from popping the breaker…yeah!!!”  But with new/better services one must pay the piper (so to speak)….monthly electrical bill.  And to me, that’s ok.  I would rather keep the seasonal rate down & pay electric (that I have control of).  This should work out in our favor because in the future when other improvements are needed, there should be room in the budget.

At the conclusion of the last monthly meeting September 21, the campground board voted on officer positions.  Your 2014 Campground Officers are:  Rob Morgan – President, Jason Plunkett – Vice President, Ben Hinshaw – Secretary & Ron Gates – Treasurer.  As requested by a camper at the meeting, I will be posting the 2014 campground rules here on the blog for your review/reference as soon as I receive them.

In closing a reminder:  there’s a pitch in bean dinner in the Shelter House October 5th.  There is a Halloween Celebration on Oct. 12:  Costume party with trick or treating for kids from 6pm-7pm, games and karaoke from 8pm-12am. Costume required to attend!



Campground has been sort of quiet the last couple weeks…hopefully the BIG group will be back this weekend. 😉  Usually after a big holiday weekend the campground slows down a little. The first year here at Heritage Lake Campground, everyone told us not many campers come the weekend after a holiday weekend.  They were right.  Although I think the temperatures have something to do with the low attendance.  But more so, I think it’s the “NO Burn” ban that has killed the ambiance for the true camper at heart!  Let alone the smores supply industry has taken a beaten.  Let’s just hope by the time the season changes & it gets cool enough where you have to have a fire to keep warm, we can!

Couple weekends ago, there was some excitement…Barb Woods, campground manager, celebrated her birthday, she even had a band at the Shelter House.  Unfortunately, their name escapes me.  But a discussion at the campground meeting 7/21 deciding to hire them for Saturday night of Labor Day weekend.  I believe it’s suppose to be about 8p-11p/12a.  There was also a big birthday party for one of the teenagers…the most teenagers I’ve seen in our campground since the group we had for Wacky Family Olympics!  All in all, they were surprisingly a pretty quiet group.  Speaking of the 7/21 campground meeting, there was discussion on various fund raising opportunities.  One suggestion that was decided on…a silent auction.  We will post information at the Shelter House & deliver flyers to each site.  So be sure to look for them.

This past weekend we were fortunate to have some good friends of the Riggins & the Frys (old Open Road camper club followers) come & spend some time with us.  Neil & Sharon Patterson from Michigan arrived 7/25 & stayed until Monday morning.  We had a great time visiting, laughing, eating, drinking, eating & laughing!  Wonderful company, wonderful food, temperatures not TOO hot, just a really great time.  Two other couples from Indiana drove over for a delicious potluck dinner at the Shelter House Friday night.  Mike & Maryann

Where good friends meet..laughing over old times!

Walton from Richmond, IN and Nick & Edwena Zollar from Martinsville, IN.  Some of us hadn’t seen each other for 3 years, others maybe 5 years.  David & Kenny (Ron) both attended smokers all afternoon  babying some baby back & slab ribs…8 slabs (despite David’s eight hours of sleep over 3 days!)!  We all feasted on ribs, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, fruit salad, beautifully delicious home grown garden tomatoes (thanks Edwena & Nick), sliced tomatoes w/mozzarella slices & italian seasonings, watermelon, brownies- 2 kinds, pumpkin pie, delicious pineapple pecan cake (also Edwena).  We would also have had crock pot bread pudding & corn souffle if we hadn’t have lost power (the WHOLE campground)…crock pots just will not work w/out electricity. 😦  But they were great additions for Saturday night.

Jimmy John's

For those that weren’t aware, Jimmy John’s sells their day old loaves of bread (for their sandwiches) very cheap!  I ended up buying 5 long loaves for $2.40.  I used 2 for the bread pudding & the other 3 for french toast Saturday morning..YUM!  So next time you’re in need, it’s cheaper & better than the grocery stores or bread outlets!

The Frys are also happy to announce, we are now Heritage Lake Property Owners!  We purchased 638 Mill Springs at the Commissioners Certificate Tax Sale in January 2012 & finally got the deed last week.  Now in the market for a pontoon boat!!!  David’s been looking, hunting, anxious, disappointed, but hopeful!  So if you know of anyone let us know.  We’re looking for something older, prefer no seats (except Captain of course), hard top, front open deck, trailer included (hopefully).                                                                                                                          Well that pretty well sums up the slow end of July….until August.  Be healthy, be merry & be safe!  😉

Another HOT weekend!!

Well there wasn’t a lot of campers this weekend, but we enjoyed another hot, sticky weekend.  We did get a little relief on Thursday afternoon when it decided to rain…although it was more of a tease, I think, for the thirsty crops, gardens, flower beds, lawns, etc.!   The temperature dropped after the shower, making the evening pretty enjoyable.

I last posted on Friday (6/22) morning before Donna & I headed out for the items needed for Dirty Bingo & Wacky Family Olympics (6/30).  We set off with goals of hitting garage sales in Greencastle (IN), plus 3 more stops.  We stopped at 3 different garage sales.  We were able to find some clothes we need for the Olypmics, some kitchen stuff for Dirty Bingo prizes & I picked up a darling little summer dress with clear summer heals (perfect for the dress).  We made a quick stop at Krogers for needed bottled water & beer.  Then our favorite place….Dollar Tree!  I usually spend way more than I should in there but I get a lot for what I spend.  I just know it doesn’t take long when you keep throwing stuff in the cart thinking it’s just a buck & end up an hour later totaling out at like $50.  But in all fairness, I doubt I would get a most of that stuff, that cheap, even at Walmart!

By the time we returned to the campground, the Bloody Mary session was about to begin.  Friday nights at the campground, for our group, usually ends up fairly simple as far as meal planning.  Usually there’s four of us that just roast hot dogs or sausages over the fire.  Sometimes we’ll peal off the label & open a can of sauerkraut or maybe some coney dog sauce .  We heat it up around the edge of the fire pit.  We all contribute side items (the simpler, the better).

Saturday meals that’s a different story.  We have some pretty elaborate spreads!  We’ll settle on an entree, in which everyone contributes their portion of meat.  It’s pretty much like a potluck dinner…good food, good friends, great beverages.  Who could ask for anything more?  We decided we needed to eat early because we were bringing “snacks” to Dirty Bingo later that night.  Our food of choice (trying to keep simple) Stuffed meat cakes filled with your choice of diced multi-color sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese & spices, I forgot to pack the bacon pieces 😦  Our menu also included:  coleslaw, potato salad, garden salad, macaroni salad, cottage cheese, salsa (I love Chuck & Dave’s Salsa we get at Sam’s, fresh salsa w/garlic), monkey bread, iced brownies & oatmeal cookies.  The really sad part…there were only 6 of us eating together.  But you know what, that’s what makes it still feel like camping (even in our hotel on wheels) when you have potluck pitch-ins, family reunions,summer picnics..just having large family gatherings where you really got to actually play with your cousins & get to know them.  But sadly that’s sort of a dying tradition. And that just gave me an idea for a future topic.

Dirty Bingo        All in all….I think everyone that was there…enjoyed it & from comments we got before we left this morning, would be interested in doing it again.  For those who didn’t play, I’ll explain the “jest” of it.

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There were “white elephant” prizes that were designated as kids (12 & under) & adults (13 & over).  Whether you have your participants bring a wrapped prize or you supply the prizes & charge per card.  You start out just doing regular bingo until all prizes are gone.  Then…you start stealing from others!  If you bingo you get to look around & take from someone else.  If there’s multiple bingo’s.. they are done in order called.  A prize can not be stolen more that once for game called.  It’s always so much fun to have some of them be the hot “steal” & they get passed around numerous times.  After this continues for many bingo’s the caller will warn of nearing last bingo.  We take turns in opening prizes to get laughs on what winners end up with.  So if you didn’t make it to our first Dirty Bingo night, you might want to next time.  And for the record, there were mainly 2 boxes that were stolen the most…a Bacardi rum box that contained 2 glass mixing bowls (auction treasures) & 1 bag of Christmas cookie cutters (garage sale bargains)….enjoy Rob!  Second one was a big, kind of short but long plain box that felt like it had nothing in it.  The only sound that was heard…a little sand/dirt that was in the box from being stored out in our pole barn.  But I knew what was in the box!  I bought it & I boxed it, after a diligent search for just the right box.  I must share, there was some cheating going on, some were hiding their prizes…shameful (lol).  When Donna & I were shopping at Dollar Tree in Greencastle, I found these ginormous flyswatters for a BUCK!!!  (I knew I should have bought one for myself also…hopefully they still have them when I go back next weekend!!!) Congrats Danielle on the awesome…ginormous flyswatter…that could be used for many purposes….some a little naughty too  ;-).  Oh….Wyatt….you should have offered to trade your gift w/one of the girls.  I hope you didn’t throw them away…2 new packages of good ponytail holders in a cute little flower box for safe keeping, even Moms can appreciate those kind of things. The fun part is…you never know whats inside your prize.

Until my next post….everyone have a safe week & we’ll look forward to next weekend!  Stay tuned for Wacky Family Olympic updates or stuff/props I may need to borrow for the  events………Please & Thanks……………Cheryl

As ready as I’m going to be….

So I thought doing a blog would be easy.  I guess if you’re a very “sociable” person it might be.  I tried doing the everyday thing but I got way behind…couldn’t always think of much to talk about or thought what I had to talk about would be uninteresting.  So I’m going to give it another valid try just reporting wknd activities ….***H L Campground Happenings***

There’s usually plenty going on, I’ll just have to remember to take notes to get all the particulars.  I didn’t get started opening wknd, because I’ve been procrastinating.  Plus David won’t stop pestering me about it so you might say I’m doing it to shut him up!

I have an events page that you will be able to review for upcoming activities at the campground.  As soon as I know of things, I will be sure to pass them along.  Feel free to leave comments (concerns) , I’m open to suggestions.  Second page is a short Hello page.  Third page I will be adding is a “Tell me what you think” page as a line of communication to share with others visiting the blog.  Here you could also make suggestions for activities to do on wknds, things to help raise money for the campground to fund fun activities.

Also wanted to note, at the last campground meeting (6/16/12, 10AM @ Shelter house) we agreed to try a “game night” that will always be the same night of the morning campground meetings (Saturdays only).  Each month we’ll name a type of game we’re playing like euchre or left right center or other types of card, dice, whatever.  The campground meetings are almost always the 3rd Saturday of each month, 10AM @ Shelter house.  Those evenings we’ll have a rousing game that evening, 8PM @ Shelter house.  We haven’t set 7/23 game night “game” as of yet, will keep you posted!

Tomorrow, we head to the campground.  I will continue to work on preparing for the “Wacky Family Olympics” on 6/30.  We will also be getting everything ready for “Dirty Bingo Night” on 6/23 @ 8pm.  Hope you come, it’s so much fun!  Check out the events page for more info on each!……..see ya at the campground!