3/6/16 Site Selection Meeting – Sites Available

Oh the excitement at the annual campsite selection meetings….

The new 2016 camping season set to open April 1st this year.  Please remember you must have your 2016 annual Heritage Lake POA Maintenance & Siltation Assement fee ($237) paid before you will be allowed to camp this season.

Now for the excitement….our campsite selection meeting will be at the HL Clubhouse/Office on 3/6/16 at 1PM, as usual.  I have been supplied a site map showing the available sites for this camping season.  Sites marked in yellow will be available for this season at the selection meeting.  Please click on link below to see map of sites available.

HLC 2016 open sites-selection mtg

There are several sites that have been occupied for some time that are available this year.  You may want to consider making a move!

We’ll see you at the selection meeting this Sunday!


Get Ready, Get Set……….GO

Wow, hard to believe it’s time to start thinking about getting the campers out or uncovered, open, evaluate the winter “stress” on them, do whatever repairs needed before the beginning of camping season starting Friday April 5th! Then…clean, clean, clean…pack-it, stock-it…move-it…park-it…level-it…open-it…get all the outside “stuff” out/set/ready…it’s a lot of WORK! But after it’s all done…it’s well worth it! But then you have to get the “water toys” out & the process starts all over again!
Probably the biggest thing starting off the 2013 season is the Selection Meeting. The big change right off the bat…Darrell Plunkett is not seated at the board table but out in the audience as just a HLPO Camper. Congratulations Darrell (& Linda) on the “retirement” from the campground board!! Then we’re off…swapping sites, moving around, old campers moving out, new campers moving in, submitting plans for approval on constructing new decks or “cook shacks”. With all that being said, should make for an interesting meeting on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013, at the Heritage Lake Club House. Hope we have a good turn out! I will be handing out copies of the calendar (posted here on the blog) to attendees.  Here we go……..