Where Did the Summer Go?


Seems like yesterday we were getting our campers ready for a wonderful summer filled with activities & good friendly weekend gatherings.  Then in almost the blink of an eye…we are starting to get our campers, sites & boats ready for what will seem like an endless cold miserable winter season.  I don’t know about you but I DON’T LIKE THE COLD!!!  The cold season seems to linger on & on longer than the warm season.  We have had some summer this year!  This had to be the best camping & boating season in some time.  Hopefully next summer will be more of the same! 🙂   We were fortunate to find great Campground Managers to fill the sudden open position. Thank you Charles & Jinjer Bragg & your two adorable daughters for taking on the challenge.  Hopefully you plan to return for the 2014 season!!!   I for one have never seen the women’s restroom cleaner!

Expect changes when you return next spring…new electric is being installed during off season.  “Ladies, no longer should you have to unplug something to be able to run something else to keep from popping the breaker…yeah!!!”  But with new/better services one must pay the piper (so to speak)….monthly electrical bill.  And to me, that’s ok.  I would rather keep the seasonal rate down & pay electric (that I have control of).  This should work out in our favor because in the future when other improvements are needed, there should be room in the budget.

At the conclusion of the last monthly meeting September 21, the campground board voted on officer positions.  Your 2014 Campground Officers are:  Rob Morgan – President, Jason Plunkett – Vice President, Ben Hinshaw – Secretary & Ron Gates – Treasurer.  As requested by a camper at the meeting, I will be posting the 2014 campground rules here on the blog for your review/reference as soon as I receive them.

In closing a reminder:  there’s a pitch in bean dinner in the Shelter House October 5th.  There is a Halloween Celebration on Oct. 12:  Costume party with trick or treating for kids from 6pm-7pm, games and karaoke from 8pm-12am. Costume required to attend!


Getting ready for FUN…4th of July weekend!!!



English: Decoration for the 4th of July





Wow guess I’ve been pretty neglectful of the blog 😦  just realized I hadn’t posted anything since the Memorial Day weekend…almost a month ago, maybe someone should fire me!  Just joking…but seriously….we have a great holiday weekend planned for the 4th of July “Independence Day” celebration!!!  Below is an events schedule that was recently posted at the campground for not only the holiday weekend but the rest of July.

                   CAMPGROUND SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FOR JULY 2013       EXCEPTING SILENT AUCTION ITEMS!!!  New or “like new” items we can auction during July 4th weekend for activities fundraising.  Give items to Barb Woods (campground Manager) or Dave & Cheryl Fry lot #38.                                                                            FISH FRY 7/6 5:30P-7:30P!!!  Prepay by 10p on 7/5 so we know how much to buy/prepare for!  Batter fish fillets (buns available if prefer sandwich), French Fries, Coleslaw & Fried Biscuits w/Apple Butter.  CHARGE:  Kids:  4-10 are $2 (1pc fish), Adults:  11 & up are $5 (2pc fish).   Plates, forks & napkins will be provided but BYO DRINKS (& cups)!!  See Dave & Cheryl Fry to prepay (lot #38)  

Reminder:  Volunteers are always welcome at any event!!!

7/4 – Thursday:  We DON’T have anything planned.  Enjoy your family time, Happy 4th!

7/5 – Friday:  Silent Auction bidding begins at NOON & bidding will continue until bidding                            closes 6:30p on 7/6.  Winning bids will be announced at 7p. Payments due                          at pick-up by cash or check.                                                                               8p-12a – THE DROP DEAD JOKER BAND WILL PLAY THEIR FINAL                               PERFORMANCE TOGETHER 😦


7/6 – Saturday:  12p-4p – Inflatable 40′ Slip & Slide near Shelter House for all ages!!!                                5:30p-7:30p Fish Fry (see above for details) at Shelter House                                         6:30p Silent Auction bidding closes                                                                                    7p Winning bids announced.   Payment due upon pick-up                                          DUSK Heritage Lake Fireworks at the Lake! Got early for good spot!


7/20 – Saturday:  10a Monthly Campground Meeting – be there…be informed!                                        7p-? Campground Potluck Pitch-in Dinner at the Shelter House.  Bring an                             Entree & a side dish OR dessert to share.  BYO place settings & drinks.


7/26 – Friday:  Start accepting Labor Day Weekend Silent Auction Items.  Give to Barb                              Woods or Dave & Cheryl Fry (#38)


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Happy 4th of July! Independence Day Fireworks!



Well that about wraps it up for now…Everyone have a  fun 4th of July “Independence Day” weekend & please remember to be safe, especially with all the fireworks!!






Memorial Day Weekend…..FUN!!!

First off, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who are serving or have served our wonderful country insuring the freedoms we are so blessed to have.  Without your sacrifices we could not continue to be the great country we are today.  And for that, we are eternally grateful!  May God bless you & yours…and may God bless the USA!!!

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There were fun times had at the campground this Memorial Day weekend!  Last year the weather was scorching, this year surprisingly cool, in fact pretty chilly, especially in the mornings & late nights!  The campground was packed with campers, golf carts, kids, dogs, campfires & FUN!  Saturday morning started off with the 2nd Wacky Family Olympics competition.  We started out with 3 teams:  the “Booyahs”, the “Hutchs” & the “Wacky BGs”.  The competition started at 10’ish AM with “Wheel Me” or actually a good ole’ fashioned wheelbarrow race.  After many laughs shared by all, we continued to game #2, “Hole in One’ – 20 bean bag tosses for each team at the corn hole boards.  For game #3, “Hop till Ya Drop”, a tough 30 seconds of jump rope competition.  Team Wacky BG was packing a ringer!  One of their adult players is enrolled with a jump rope program…she actually did 82 in just 30 seconds!!  Her rope was smoking!  Once our jumpers caught their breath, we continued on to game #4, “Dress Me Blind”.  One adult & one kid from each team was given a basket of adult’s clothes.  The adult was blindfolded & had to “dress” the kid with the help of the kids’ instruction!  The funniest part…when they got to the “bra”.  From the pictures included, you will notice our 3 teams’ “kid” players were from ages 2-7!  It was funny to watch & even more fun to cheer on.  With game #5, we had a late team join the playing field…the “Plunketeers”.  This game was the most fun (expressed by all participating & spectators)…”Scrambled Eggs”!  Each team had 2 adults & 2 kids (or some had to do it twice if some of their members needed a nap!) & were given a metal spoon & 4 raw eggs.  They had to go down & back, down & back as in a normal egg race BUT we were giving the chance for some lead-breaking points!  For every unbroken egg at the end of the relay, teams could receive 5 bonus points!!!  Every team still had all their eggs…unbroken after the competition.  Everyone had so much fun, we decided to do a second relay.  Players seemed to be a little braver & a lot faster this time.  There was only one casualty (egg)!  Moving on to game #6, “Shoot Out at the Square”, a basketball shooting competition with 2 adults & 2 kids from each team.  Fortunately the campground has a kids goal so it kept it fair!  Funny thing…just like last year, the kids scored as much if not more than the adults!  Even better, the Moms out scored the Dads…teehee!!!  Game #7 was the last “teams” competition & the most risky,  “Blind Man’s Bluff”, a blindfolded obstacle course through the campground playground!  We decided to just take 1 adult & 1 kid from each team for the competition due to the challenges of the event.  The kid was blindfolded & the adult “guided” them through the course.  To the slide, up & over.  To the 3 playground rockers, rock 3 times on each.  To the monkey bars, climb up to top & back, back down.  To the swings, swing 3 times on just one.  To the merry-go-round, get on & adult spins 3 times….then run back to the starting line.  We only scored 1 fat lip on the jungle gym, I think the adult was trying to hurry her to quickly!!  Our Olympics finale`….was open to any kids that were at the campground at that time.  “Brain Freeze”, popsicle  eating contest.  It was messy, but not nearly as bad as last years 90 degree weather (and bees!).  All in all it was a great day & even though we didn’t have many teams, those that did play had FUN!  I also want to say a big THANK YOU to my Brother & Sister-in-Law, Carl & Lisa Pritchett & our youngest Daughter, Tori Fry for all their help & support this weekend with all the various festivities we were in charge of!  I couldn’t have done it without you!!! I love you guys!!!

We had a Hot Dog Awards Banquet to celebrate the competition & to present awards to our winners……drum roll……GOLD went to Wacky BGs, SILVER went to Booyahs & BRONZE went to Hutchs.  The Plunketeers were only 1 point behind Hutchs, not bad for starting the competition halfway through.

Sunday morning we had our annual Indy 500 potluck pitch-in breakfast at the Shelter House…..YUM!  Wasn’t much left on the tables, pretty well cleaned out everything!  Sunday night we had a surprise performer that played for almost 3 hours just for tips, Chris Hurst.  I guess he grew up around the area & always used to come down to the campground when he was younger.  He strolled in the campground Friday night with his guitar & was playing.  We asked how much he charged, long story short…we really enjoyed his talents Sunday night & hope to have him back real soon!

Monday everyone just did their own thing.  Some stuck around for a while, some headed home early.  We headed out on the boat!  It was much warmer than Sunday but was windy.  We got a couple of hours on the lake before the rain started in.  But for the most part it was a pretty good weekend….Hope yours was too!!

Mother Nature….have a heart!!!

So it was another COLD, WET weekend at the ole’ campground again this past weekend.  😦  Friday it was almost like a ghost town around there…very few campers!  Our usual Friday night dinner fare of roasted hotdogs over a blazing campfire was cancelled due to soggy ground surrounding the fire pit.  So four of us headed to Dave’s All American Pizza on US36 on west side of Danville, IN.  Quite a unique patriotic decor of military memorabilia. The food was pretty good, most of us had the salad bar, the prices were fair.  We have driven past many times but this was our first dining experience.  I am sure over the course of the camping season, we will probably dine there again.


There was definitely more life around the campground on Saturday.  We had our first monthly campground meeting at 10am Saturday morning.  We had a pretty good turnout, hopefully it’s a new trend and not because it was the “first one”.  Our elected President, Ron Riggen, had to step down to Vice President due to his election to the Heritage Lake POA Board.  He could not retain his President position and be on the HLPOA board.  That, in turn, moved the Vice President, Dave Fry, to the President’s position.  Soooo the gavel was passed!  The meeting was pretty uneventful until we reached the topic of expired gambling license.  For those of you not at the meeting, we are no longer able to do 50/50, pull tabs, bingo, etc., so our fundraising ability has pretty much come to a quick halt.  We’re not sure if the license will be renewed or what grandiose fundraising ideas we can come up with.  We welcome fundraising ideas, keeping in mind camper participation can be scarce.  Stay tuned for updates as we know it.


Ham and Beans with Cornbread, The Friendly Coo... Saturday actually turned out pretty nice considering all the storms we’ve had recently!  Our campground event calendar offered up a ham & beans dinner at 7pm in the Shelter House.  Even though we didn’t have a big turnout, we had a delicious dinner!  I would like to thank the Clements, the Woods, the Riggens, & the Gates that joined us (the Frys) for their contributions and in participating!  We managed to raise $16…woohoo!  I’m sure everyone in attendance took a little something home with them…GAS!  teehee ;-P


Thanks for tuning in folks….until my next post…be safe, be healthy…& come on BETTER WEATHER!!!