As ready as I’m going to be….

So I thought doing a blog would be easy.  I guess if you’re a very “sociable” person it might be.  I tried doing the everyday thing but I got way behind…couldn’t always think of much to talk about or thought what I had to talk about would be uninteresting.  So I’m going to give it another valid try just reporting wknd activities ….***H L Campground Happenings***

There’s usually plenty going on, I’ll just have to remember to take notes to get all the particulars.  I didn’t get started opening wknd, because I’ve been procrastinating.  Plus David won’t stop pestering me about it so you might say I’m doing it to shut him up!

I have an events page that you will be able to review for upcoming activities at the campground.  As soon as I know of things, I will be sure to pass them along.  Feel free to leave comments (concerns) , I’m open to suggestions.  Second page is a short Hello page.  Third page I will be adding is a “Tell me what you think” page as a line of communication to share with others visiting the blog.  Here you could also make suggestions for activities to do on wknds, things to help raise money for the campground to fund fun activities.

Also wanted to note, at the last campground meeting (6/16/12, 10AM @ Shelter house) we agreed to try a “game night” that will always be the same night of the morning campground meetings (Saturdays only).  Each month we’ll name a type of game we’re playing like euchre or left right center or other types of card, dice, whatever.  The campground meetings are almost always the 3rd Saturday of each month, 10AM @ Shelter house.  Those evenings we’ll have a rousing game that evening, 8PM @ Shelter house.  We haven’t set 7/23 game night “game” as of yet, will keep you posted!

Tomorrow, we head to the campground.  I will continue to work on preparing for the “Wacky Family Olympics” on 6/30.  We will also be getting everything ready for “Dirty Bingo Night” on 6/23 @ 8pm.  Hope you come, it’s so much fun!  Check out the events page for more info on each!……..see ya at the campground!