WOW…what a great 4th of July weekend!!!

What a great weekend!  Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  The campground was busting at the seams…so to speak.  It was obvious when you walked through the “full” campground that everyone was having a good time this past weekend!  The weather was great…except for our early Sunday morning rainstorm. 😦 But after that great entertainment brought in Saturday night most probably didn’t even hear it come in unless you were one of the tent campers…then you probably “felt” it.

I want to say a BIG thank you to Debbie Palmer, & others that assisted her efforts, for recruiting donations to hire the Chasers Band out of Indianapolis.  Unfortunately since we have limited ability to raise money for campground activities, we now have to rely on donations to fund bands for the holidays.  So anyone that’s interested in donating to the campground entertainment fund make sure you get w/Debbie Palmer, hoping to be able to hire for Labor Day weekend.  Do not recall her lot # but she’s on the north corner lot by the shelter house.  Thanks again Debbie for all your efforts.  And speaking of the band….everyone really enjoyed them!

Then we had the annual Heritage Lake fireworks celebration.  Spectacular!  They were a little late getting started but once they got it going…OOOO’s..&..AAAHHHH’s echoed across the lake coming from boat to boat.  Thanks to all of those that work so hard all year long in planning, fundraising & orchestrating such a show.  I’m sure they’re already starting on 2015!

I bet there were a lot of tired, sunburned folks trying to resume their normal life, routine today!  And the holiday foods…don’t know about you, but I seemed to “stuff” myself way more than I should have.  Now trying to get back on track in many ways.  Sure hope you all had as much fun this weekend as we did!  But if you were at our little summer paradise aka Heritage Lake Campground….I KNOW YOU DID!

Mark your calendars:  the monthly campground meeting is coming up on 7/19 at 10am at the Shelter House.  We are looking to fill a board member position as well as the Treasurer’s position (must be a campground board member).  Please spread the word & we’ll see you at the meeting!  Until then…..happy camping!!!


Camping Season IS here!

Well it was a busy Memorial Day wknd at the campground!  The weather was GREAT!  It’s about time, we’ve had so much cold, rainy days kicking off our 2014 camping season 😦   So we were due for a really good wknd & better yet an extended holiday wknd!Campground 7-12 (5) 🙂

The campground was bursting with lots of young campers.  It’s great to see more kids riding around & playing together this year!  Thankfully we have had new young families join our little community this year.  I know the few kids we have had welcome the new friends they are making this season!

By the way if you haven’t checked out the new website that Charles & Jinger (campground managers) created yet…here’s a link to do so now!  If you’re a Facebook person, they also created a Facebook it out & Like the page!

FYI…some of our campers have decided to organize together & take donations through out the season for entertainment funding to get bands for 4th of July wknd & Labor Day wknd.  Donations are strictly voluntary, but if you would like to enjoy having a band on mentioned holiday wknds this is your opportunity to help out.  If you would like to donate to the entertainment fund, you should see Debra Palmer, Mary Lou Palmer or Charles & Jinger will make sure to get it to the right person as well.

The weather prediction for the wknd is sunny & hot….great for “boating”.                That’s where we’ll be!!! Hope you have a great wknd!


RESCHEDULE….Old Mother Nature fooled us!

Well…maybe we shouldn’t blame Mother Nature…maybe the Weather Person(s) that we decide to put so much faith into their predictions…LOL!  It was very disappointing that we cancelled our original HL Campground Site Selection meeting for 3/2/14, especially for the dismal “storm” that really never showed up!  However, we WILL be holding the (rescheduled) meeting this Sunday 3/9/17…same time….same place (1:00PM @ the HL Clubhouse)!  Hope to see lots of our campers there, New & Seasoned, alike.  Also, want to apologize to those that did not get the word about the cancellation.  This is why it is important to be electronically “connected” for ease of notification, as well as, staying current with what is happening!  Please remember to submit your email addresses at one of the meetings (which you can share on the meeting sign up sheets always present at EVERY meeting) or join the blog and I will try to keep you up to date as well as you can message me!    Thanks!    Cheryl Fry

Get your camper running….head out to the campground…


…we’re looking for adventure….for whatever comes our way!  Born to be w-i-l-d.  Yes it’s almost that time!  Officially the 2013 Heritage Lake Camping Season begins on April 5th at 1PM.  I’m excited for the fun to begin!  But with the crap Mother Nature has been dealing us as of lately…one can only hope that winter hits the road & we can start to enjoy better weather!  If you remember, last year it was unseasonably warmer than it should have been for this time of year.  Sadly though we really never had a spring last year, it skipped practically from winter to summer.  But, this year I just want the cold, snowy, windy weather to take a hike & for it to just be comfortable enough to enjoy the amenities at the start of camping season….how about you?


That being said, it was decided that turning on the water in the campgrounds should be delayed a little longer to make sure we didn’t have any mishaps with frozen, burst pipes in the campground.  We sure don’t want to waste a bunch of money having to do unnecessary plumbing, let alone cutting into our camping season by delaying the “opening day”!!!


We are fortune to have Barb Woods return for another season as the Campground Manager, along with her equally hardworking other half…Ed.  Unfortunately for them, they have been unable to stay in their camper yet, due to the delay of turning on the water.  Not so sure these seasonal Floridians favored the weather they returned to…makes a body wonder…why trade that weather for this?  But we’re certainly glad they did!



REMINDER:  We’re having a “Welcome Back” family movie night & campfire at the shelter house starting at 8PM on Saturday night (April 6th).  We’ll have the wood stove all stoked up & blazing.  So bring your snacks, beverages of choice, comfy chairs, & probably warm blankets for the kick off of the 2013 Camping Season.  If there’s enough campers, we might even run our first 50-50 drawing.  We’ll see you there!


Pre-season update….

Just a quick note…there’s a work day planned for Saturday 3/23 at 10am. at the campground to get trees that have been dropped, cut & cleaned up to get ready for camp season opening day on 4/5.  Hopefully the weather will be kind & allot many volunteers to make the job go quicker!  Hope to see you there!

The site selection meeting on 3/3/13 went well, no problems, no ruffled feathers, all in all a fairly smooth, quick meeting!  Season activity calendars were handed out to attendees.  So if you were not at the meeting be sure to get your copy from Cheryl Fry on site 38.

Hopefully the weather decides to cooperate so we can enjoy the start of the camping season!