“Tell me what you think…”

OVERVIEW:  The purpose of this page is to leave other campers messages, give suggestions of fun activities, complain about my blog, whatever you feel that you want to share.  Please keep in mind that this is a kid friendly blog & should be kept to a PG level, thank you for your help.

7 thoughts on ““Tell me what you think…”

  1. So….I’ll get it started…..Just want to say the campground looks GREAT! Thanks Barb & Ed for all your hard work you do to make our wknds here more enjoyable!!! Thanks Folks!

  2. I just wanted to thank all the folks we meet at HL Campgrounds on Memorial Day Weekend for a great stay while we were there. The band was fantastic Saturday night! Nice website to gather folks and information of what’s going on year round. Great idea for us to take back up north to our campgrounds! Great folks and good times. Isn’t that what camping is all about?

    • Thanks Holdgrafers! We enjoyed having you! Can’t wait to visit yours again soon! Can get you started on creating the blog (if you need it). Can’t wait to share campfires again w/our good friends!

  3. The site looks great! Just wanted to thank everyone for making us feel welcome! Any comments or suggestions to help us do a better job please feel free to share! Also want to remind all of the bean dinner pitch in on Oct. 5 in the shelterhouse. Also there is a costume party with trick or treating for kids from 6-7, and games and karaoke from 8-12. Must be in costume! this Halloween Celebration will be on Oct. 12! Thanks from Jinjer Bragg

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